Aisha Banerjee-  An Underrated Feminist of Ayan Mukerji’s Wake Up Sid.


Wake Up Sid was released in 2009. It has been 8 years since the movie came out and it still inspires us in a best way possible. It is a tale of Sidharth Mehra (Ranbir Kapoor) who is a rich college-going fellow, clearly clueless about his ambitions in life initially and his transition from a clueless boy to a determined man. His journey works as motivation for a lot of us. Every character in this movie teaches him how life is beautiful when you have dreams to work hard on and the character who teaches him about it in the most bare way is Aisha Banerjee (Konkana Sen Sharma), the unsung heroine. We lose ourselves so much into a Sid that we see every other character as a part of his life and not as an individual.

But, Aisha still somehow manages to shine apart. She is ‘the new girl in the city’ and still she puts all her efforts to make her dream true.

Aisha is a feminist. They don’t tell this to you in the movie but each and every action of hers is a proof of that. She sets many examples in the movie while we focus on Sid’s transition. Let’s have a look on each one of them.

  1. When she decides to move out of the hostel and live in a flat alone.

This is one of the initial things that are shown in the movie about Aisha. She lives in her friends hostel but decides to move out when she encounters a rat on her quilt. She looks for houses and ends up in a flat that Sid thinks is not good enough, but Aisha loves it.



  1. When she meets Sid on the farewell party and decides to have a walk with him.

Sid spots Aisha writing something in her journal and starts clicking her. When she realizes that he is taking her photographs, she asks him not to. When Sid asks her to go for a walk, she agrees and tells him that she doesn’t want to sleep with him or anything like that.




  1. When she tells her age to Sid.

Remember when Aisha calls Sid home and tell him that it is her birthday? After eating the bread-jam cake that Sid makes for her, they have a beautiful conversation on her terrace where she asks Sid to guess her age. Sid says she looks 30, and she tells him that she is 27. In the world where women are asked to hide their age, Aisha and Sid casually talk about it.



  1. When she explains to her boss what made her apply for her job as an assistant.

She doesn’t fear when her boss asks her what made her apply for this job where there is no creativity and she just has to clean the table and manage all the things. He also says that she knows nothing about Mumbai since she is from Kolkata. Her reply comes as a surprise to her boss and what next? She’s hired!


  1. When she refuses to go out with her boss.

Aisha, when asked to go out by her boss again for Jazz, tells him that she never liked Jazz no matter how she tried to and refuses his proposal, Like a boss! (Although, Rahul Khanna makes a very hot boss yaaaas!)



  1. When she lets Sid live with her.

Aisha doesn’t care about what people think and lets Sid live in her house. When Sid’s mother arrives, she just tells her that She and Sid are just good friends. That’s the only time we see giving anyone any kind of justification.



  1. When she refuses to clean the house and takes no bullshit from Sid.

Aisha rages out on Sid when he starts keeping the house untidy and when he answers back, she just leaves the house. When she comes back, she finds the house clean and Sid sleeping on the sofa. We also watch Sid realizing his mistake and cleaning the house.


  1. When it comes to her as a surprise that Sid doesn’t know how to cook.

She anticipates that Sid knows how to cook and it almost comes off as a surprise to her that he does not know how to cook. Aisha then cooks for Sid and later we see Sid learning to make omelets.


9. When she falls in love with Sid who is younger to her.

Finally, Aisha falls in love with Sid who is some years younger to her and of course, Sid falls in love with her too. That is still considered as unacceptable by some people living even in urban parts of the country.



Aisha is shown as an independent woman in the movie, the woman alone does every possible thing that she wants to do. She is understanding and a feminist. She surely is one of the examples of feminism in Indian Cinema.

Watch Wake Up Sid once again, to look at what we might have overlooked


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